Why to Choose ILHT Pakistan

Important Reasons to Choose ILHT Pakistan.

Hair Transplantation is the most popular and effective way to get lost hair back and there are many physicians/centers who perform hair transplant surgery. Choosing a surgeon or facility can be a difficult decision. Before making the most important decision of your life, read the following facts and choose only the best for yourself.

  • ILHT is the pioneer of Single Follicle Hair Transplant Surgery in Pakistan.
  • ILHT has the most experienced Hair restoration practice in Pakistan.
  • ILHT has performed the most number of surgeries in Pakistan.
  • ILHT is the only American trained team of doctors and staff in Pakistan.
  • ILHT has pioneered many of the tools and techniques in use Worldwide.
  • ILHT follicular extraction technique provides minimum scar.
  • ILHT's Expansion Technique awarded the World Best Technique Award by ISHRS.
  • ILHT's unique arithmetic system uses facial proportions, angles and ratios to give unique individual Hairline that looks good for life.
  • ILHT is often called upon to perform corrective work for Hair Transplant done elsewhere.
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