Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery and their Best Curing Practices

Although hair transplant techniques have improved a lot in last few years but still you need to take care when you get a hair transplant. You need to make sure that you get a hair transplant done from the best place where highly qualified and experienced professionals can serve you in the best way. Best hair transplant centers like ILHT have the best surgeons and practitioners who not only do the best treatment but also give the best post-treatment care as well. Unfortunately, there are still many centers that don't have the specialized people and state of the art equipment. You need to make sure that you choose the best place for this task as it requires strong expertise to achieve the best result.
Swelling sometimes occurs as the side effect of hair transplant. It can occur around forehead or eyes, but usually it is temporary and gets subside away in few days. However, if swelling gets permanent, then doctors usually go for the medication. Itching is one of the common side effects right after the hair transplant. Surgeons sometimes make use of the anti-itch creams, lotions and oils to make sure that itching don't discomfort the patient. Oil containing moisturizer can be used to overcome itching as well.
Hiccoughs can also be one of the side effects that some patients face. Usually, it doesn't give too much pain or annoyance to the patient however the patient may need some medication if hiccoughs remain for more than few days. Although infections are very rare as hair transplantation is done be giving antibiotics to the patient before and after surgery. However, if someone gets some infection, then an antibiotic is given to tackle it. Sometimes scarring also occurs in some patients. If a patient wants to have short hair, then scars can be a bit problem. The cosmetic surgeon will make sure that hair gets transplanted to the places where scars appear. ILHT is one of those places that take care of all these side effects. Patients are given complete knowledge, and complete care is given to each and every patient to avoid any side effect. Our surgeons have the ability to tackle all the complex issues, and they treat all the patients by keeping their specific requirements and conditions in mind.

Hair Transplant Surgery of Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is one of recent hair transplant client who got hair transplantation done without having to face any side effects. All the patients are welcome to see hair transplant results achieved by ILHT hair transplant surgeons, have discussions and detailed sessions with our team and then made the final decision about having a hair transplant.

Before hair transplant
After hair transplant