What you need to know about hair transplant? We explain!

Hair transplantation surgery is the leading and most demanding technique for hair restoration. Hair transplantation surgeries have long been serving people and offering men and women to have hair follicles transplanted into their scalp. Hair transplant is great way to boost confidence by restoring lost hair back. Unfortunately, if you are also suffering from severe hair loss problem and thinking of having hair transplantation surgery that you might want to know about hair transplantation surgery. Below are top things you need to know about hair transplantation before experiencing it.

  • When you are going to have hair transplantation surgery, it might take of small sessions or a long session depending upon the technique being used by surgeon. A hair transplant session can take approximately four to eight hours. Sometimes additional sessions are also required is you continue to lose hair and want thicker hair.
  • Once transplanted hair begin to grow, they continue to grow for lifetime. After getting hair transplant, transplanted hair begin to shed within 2 to 6 weeks. The sprouting of hair from transplanted roots starts between three to eight months. It takes time to see betterment in hair growth. Hair continue to grow mature and thick in 10 t0 12 months after surgery.
  • Hair growth is natural as the hair transplantation methods results in permanent hair. It is not simple as removing wig or changing hair style whenever you want. You are stuck with the variations caused by the procedure. Once you get hair transplant, you have to accept the changes and follow guideline provided by your surgeon. As you follow the surgeon’s instruction, the consequences would be so natural that no one can detect that you have had hair transplantation surgery.
  • The utilization of best possible tools and methods by adept surgeons make transplanted hair impossible to detect. The latest procedures of hair transplantation like FUE and FUT gives scar free scalp. The latest technique of hair transplantation results in small wounds that heal with the time. After surgery you will have small incisions short hair stubbles showing from the new placed grafts. The wounds will heal quickly and soreness will clear up within a week.
  • Post hair transplantation care is must. You have to be diligent and follow the instructions and precautions suggested by surgeons to get back to your normal life as soon as possible.
  • You don’t need any special maintenance for transplanted hair. They can be washed, oiled, combed, cut and styled normally that will give you natural and incredible aesthetic results.

Hair transplant is long life investment that boosts your self confidence and self image. Get hair transplant and regain your lost hair permanently.

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Microscopic Graft Cutting
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