Eyebrow Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Eyebrows play a major role in your facial beauty. They are the main features of the human face that offers perfect and appealing look to an individual. However, people don’t take the loss of hair on eyebrows seriously, as they take hair loss of the scalp for e.g. Alopecia. Moreover, the eyebrows add shape to a human face. In short, it helps in making different facial expressions.

What Causes Hair Loss on Eyebrows?

There can be many reasons for hair loss on this area of your face, these include excessive use of eyebrow threading/plucking, excessive use of eyebrow pencil and disease like cancer. Moreover, a person who is depressed may be more prone to losing eyebrow hairs. According to different dermatologists, low mood and abrupt bursts of anxiety is also the major reason behind the loss of hair on eyebrows; basically stress affects the hair follicles that ultimately disturb the blood circulation of the human body.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Pakistan

In the past few years, the hair transplant industry has gotten a revolutionary boom in Pakistan. Many hair transplant centers are now offering highly advanced surgeries by using high-quality tools. The transplant procedure of eyebrows is same as the hair transplant on scalp. Hair are taken from the scalp and applied or inserted on to eyebrows. The entire hair transplant procedure is very delicate, so the surgeon needs to be highly qualified and an expert in his/her field to give a natural look to the patient after eyebrow transplant.

Hair Transplant by ILHT Pakistan

ILHT is the one of the most reliable hair transplant centers running in Pakistan. It’s an institution with international standards run by a highly qualified and professional doctor, Dr. Sajjad Khan, he’s been working with complete dedication for 25 years and more. ILHT is a world-renowned hair transplant institute that offers advanced transplant procedures to clients like FUT, FUE and PRP under complete reliability.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sajjad, the center has successfully treated thousands of patients, including many famous celebrities. In addition, ILHT has also started offering hair transplant of eyebrows to its clients by using a highly advanced technology and equipment. Eyebrows will start growing in a natural way, because the hair is taken from the scalp for transplant; only periodic trimming will be required.

ILHT has centers in the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad where you can meet highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Doctors and Surgeons. You can avail complete consultancy session before and after your procedure at ILHT.

Therefore, if you are facing hair loss on your on eyebrows and are looking for a reliable hair transplant procedure, ILHT is the right choice for you. ILHT is the benchmark of excellence offering its proficient services under the supervision of professional doctors. You can also call us at 111 424 737 or email us directly at csupport@ilht.com for further assistance. ILHT has many happy and satisfied customers globally, so this is the high time to get rid of your hair loss problem. We have got the permanent and effective solution for your eyebrow problems.