FUT Hair Transplant Video

This video explains the restoration of hair by using most advanced hair transplant technique; FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant). The video elaborates FUT procedure in detail. The step by step process of FUT Hair Transplant is as follows

  • Parting hair from back of the head to make incision 1mm deep
  • Another parallel incision made, approx. 1cm apart
  • Widening of incisions by skin hooks. Zero damage to donor hair- 4mm deep
  • Harvesting strip of hair
  • Thin strip of scalp 1mm wide and 1mm deep cut and disposed from lower margin
  • Two opposing sides stitched together. With minute overlap resulting minimum scar.
  • Harvested strip of hair and scalp sliced thinly
  • Further separation of hair to create one, two and three hair follicular units, under microscope
  • 4mm deep incisions in direction of hair growth
  • Minute recipient sites of scalp marked with dye
  • Hair with roots inserted into sites, in natural direction of hair growth.