5 Reasons why you should Consider Hair Transplant Now

As a new year approaches, it causes people to look back at their lives and see what can be changed. Every year people make tons of resolutions based on what is happening in their lives. Some people review every area where change can be made whether it’s medical, financial or something like having kids. Some decisions are for the best but may be hard to decide. An issue like a hair transplant procedure is one area that people may be considering. Fixing a medical issue takes a lot of thought process and should not be taken lightly.

Hair loss can be a slow but progressive discomfort for people. Once you start to notice excessive hair loss, you should notify your doctor. Hair falls out normally on a daily basis. But any hair loss that is excessive to a point that you have more hair on your brush or the floor than on your head is a serious problem. It could mean that you are experiencing some sort of trauma. You may have an unknown illness that needs to be addressed. The cause may be something as simple as being too stressed or styling your hair too much.

Once you have contacted a doctor, your situation will be assessed. A hair transplant is one option you will be given if your hair loss is severe enough. Of course, it will depend on whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Not everyone qualifies such as women. Their hair growth is different than men’s. It grows out and thins out evenly. A man’s hair thins out in patches or selected areas. So this will need to be considered. Also, if you are on medications or a smoker issues like this will need to be dealt with first.

A doctor may give you other options to fix your hair loss problem. However, a hair transplant procedure may be your best option. This is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly. If you are still deciding whether or not to have a transplant, you should take into consideration the reasons why it is a good thing.


1. If you start a hair transplant procedure early in the year, you will be totally healed before the holidays. As long as there are no cuts to the head you will be okay as soon as a month’s time. Follow all your doctor’s aftercare instructions as you are supposed to and you will be ok in no time. The whole time it takes to heal after a procedure is within a 6 month to a year in a time frame. During that time, your hair will go through some minor changes. It is all to be expected and nothing to worry t. Your hair will continue to grow naturally and will look better over time.

2. A hair transplant is good for your self-esteem and ego. In this world where looks are important to people, hair loss can be very stressful. The applies to both men and women. So anything that will make them feel better about themselves is plus. Everyone wants to start the New Year off right. They set resolutions to lose weight, get a haircut, new job, etc. Starting off the year looking different will have you feeling better about yourself. You will not only enhance your confidence but your appearance will get people taking notice. Your self esteem will be so pumped up that it may lead to new experiences for you over time.

3. At the start of the year, people think about making significant changes in their lives. If you are at an age such as your 30s or 40s where a hair transplant is a perfect option for you, then you should do it. It is usually in the time frame where you hair will start to thin out or fall out completely. Males who have had a history of family baldness will begin to take notice during those years. A man in his 30s is a better candidate for a hair transplant that a younger guy would be. By this point in time, your hair patterns are no longer changing. This is the best time to consider an option such as a hair transplant.

4. The techniques for a hair transplant are very modern now. So if you have been delaying a hair transplant due to the techniques used, you don’t have to wait any longer. The procedures are now safer and faster. The recovery time does not take long either. New methods no longer involve using fake plugs. Every hair used comes directly out of your head. Small strips of hair are removed from a donor site on your head. The donor strip is then dissected into single follicles and replanted in the areas where you are losing hair. The incisions and hair grafts are very small. No one will even notice you had a transplant. The hair will continue to grow for the rest of your life with no ongoing special care and maintenance required.

5. Another excellent reason for considering a hair transplant is that many other people have done it with impressive results. A good doctor will keep track of his patients. Many doctors have before and after pictures of their patients so that new patients can see the results. If you do the additional research, you will find that the majority of hair transplant patients have had success. As long as you get a good doctor with a well-experienced team behind them then you can be sure your procedure will turn out right. It also helps to talk to people who have done this type of procedure. Get their opinions and results if you need more reasons to consider this. The internet is full of forums dedicated to hair transplants. You can get a lot of information so that you know what you can expect to get a good outcome that will last a long time.