Moammar Rana Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair today, gone tomorrow, especially among men! Lustrous hair contributes a lot to making someone look young and fantastic and decline in hair take away a fair bit from your overall personality and appearance. It is a sad fact that men are more prone to baldness as compared to ladies. Celebrities are a public figure and at the same time ideal and role model for the majority of their fans. They know that their appearance is paramount in the entertainment industry. Many celebrities opt for hair transplantation from ILHT to satisfy the demands of their career and fans. A steady stream of male celebs has endured hair transplantation surgeries from well known, and the world’s best hair transplantation center ILHT and Moammar Rana is one of them.

Talented and dashing Pakistani Film Star and Drama Artist

Moammar Rana is the name that needs no introduction. He is the talented and dashing Pakistani drama artist as well as a film star. The film star is popular among people because of his acting and beautiful looks. Can you believe that Moammar Rana has gone through a journey from bald to beautiful hair? Perhaps no! The handsome looks and dashing personality of Moammar Rana are just a gift of surgery from ILHT. The renowned film star Moammar Rana also became the victim of hair loss problems and his journey from baldness to beautiful and thick hair make him more popular and resulted in the increasing number of his fans throughout Pakistan. ILHT gave him excellent results, and he is satisfied and happy with the outcomes.

Moammar Rana Hair Surgery

under supervision of proficient team of surgeons

Moammar Rana got hair transplantation surgery from the center of ILHT in Lahore. He lost the majority of his hair. His continuous restlessness and fear of losing respect and recognition among fans made him able to take a decision. He decided to tackle the problem with a hair transplantation surgery. His closest friend told him about ILHT and advised him to go to ILHT for hair transplantation. Later on, Moammar Rana was very thankful to ILHT as well as his friend who suggested him the best option ILHT. He was so thrilled and excited about his naturally growing hair back. He was able to achieve the desired results with the help of ILHT.

Moammar Rana got hair transplantation under the supervision of a proficient team of surgeons who are adept in their field. His fresh and younger looking appearance is admirable as all credit goes to ILHT. He is now more confident and because he knows that hair transplantation surgery from ILHT blessed him with inviting looks.

Moammar Rana Satisfied with Hair Transplant Results

The way Rana got best and desired results from ILHT, you can also be blessed. ILHT welcomes you to have naturally growing hair back.