ILHT Brings PRP Treatment in Pakistan

International Laser Hair Transplant Surgery Center (ILHT) in Pakistan has come up with the most advanced treatment for hair loss, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. With the consistent research and untiring effort by the experts, ILHT Pakistan has successfully brought a new and natural method of hair loss treatment. Free from side effects, pain and discomfort, PRP treatment has been intended for both people who are suffering from hair loss as well as hair thinning.

PRP therapy is based on patient’s own blood. Blood is taken from the body and is put in the centrifuge from where growth factors and plasma are separated from the blood. The studies have revealed that platelets rich plasma from a person can spur the hair follicles resulting in the growth of new hair. After administrating anesthesia into the scalp, the scalp is stimulated by using scalp roller and then PRP is injected in the bald parts to force those parts to grow new hair. Being one of the best hair transplant centers in Pakistan, ILHT believes in accepting innovations and changes being made in the world of cosmetics. ILHT takes a step forward and starts implementing this natural and most reliable hair loss treatment in its centers in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. PRP is not an alternative technique to hair transplantation rather PRP is pretty helpful as standalone treatment of hair loss.

ILHT is equipped with the state of the art tools and latest equipment. PRP treatment is performed under great extent of care by skilled and experienced surgeons in the most supportive and professional way. The treatment for hair loss has never been such easier. If you are concerned about your hair, then there is no other place except ILHT that provides you the complete solution to your hair need.

Restore your youthfulness and self-confidence with the PRP therapy from the best hair transplant center ILHT Pakistan.