Why spending on hair transplant is money well spent?

Hair loss is a major problem with many people both men and women. The route to a solution can take a few different directions. Choosing the right path can be a hard choice. However, you want a solution that will be long lasting. A hair transplant is one of the best methods you can use for fixing a hair loss issue. While it can be a costly surgical procedure to have, it is well worth the effort and cost. Here are 11 reasons why you should consider a hair transplant.

1. A hair transplant is a safe procedure.

For the most part, the risks involved with hair transplant surgeries are very minimal. You will be receiving local anesthesia for the procedure. It won’t be a life-threatening amount, though. You are continuously monitored through the whole process. It is so safe and comfortable that you can even sleep or watch your favorite TV show/movie.

2. You will have a faster recovery time.

Unlike other surgical procedures, you will have a faster recovery time with a hair transplant. The surgery itself can take several hours to perform. Once you are out and on your way, the recovery period starts. In the first few weeks after surgery, you will have to be careful of what you do. It is imperative that you take care of your head at all costs. As long as you don’t sustain any injury to the head you will be ok. After the initial time the recovery speeds up and by the 6th month, you should be fully back to normal. You will go through a shock loss period where the transplanted hairs will fall out, but that is to be expected. It is part of the normal healing process.

3. Hair transplants are a pain-free procedure.

Hair transplant surgeries are not painful. You will be fully awake during the procedure. However, you will be given enough anesthesias to the point where you will not feel anything. Even after the procedure is done you will still be numb. The numbness wears off after a few hours. There may be some mild discomfort. It will not be enough to cause you severe pain in any way. The discomfort can be alleviated with a mild pain killer if needed.

4. Hair transplants produce permanent results.

A hair transplant is meant to be a long-term solution to hair loss. Unlike medications, creams, and shampoos, this method is permanent. The long term effects will mean you get back your hair. You won’t have to worry about having a bald spot. If you experience hair loss on other locations on your head, then those can be dealt with. A new surgery would be recommended.

5. Hair transplants have no adverse side effects.

Unlike some prescribed medications for hair loss, hair transplants do not have any harmful side effects. They are completely safe and cause no harm to your body and vital organs. The only adverse effects you may have afterward are temporary. This can include some minor bleeding from the graft area or blistering if not healed properly. This will only last a short time and is nothing to be concerned or worried about long term.

6. Hair transplants give you natural looking hair.

A hair transplant in the old days was very detectable. The original methods of hair transplants involved using hair plugs that looked very unnatural. New techniques leave you looking very natural. It is your own hair that will be re-grown. The hair can be washed, dried and combed without the fear of losing it. You don’t have to do any special maintenance at all.

7. Hair transplants are affordable.

Hair transplants are becoming affordable thanks to the advancements in hair transplant technologies. It is becoming an area of medicine that is vital to many people. More and more doctors are becoming certified in this field. The more doctors that can do this type of surgical procedure the more the cost will go down. Many insurance companies are now recognizing the need for this type of surgery and will cover the costs.

8. No more medications.

Prescribed medications have been given to people to help stop their hair loss. However, many of these medications have come with unwanted side effects. After a hair transplant, you don't need to take any medications except immediate after surgery.

9. You will save money on specialty shampoos and creams.

Specially medicated shampoos can be very expensive over time. While the long term use is good for your hair loss issue, it is not good for your wallet. The amount spent on medicated shampoos can be very costly.

10. A hair transplant is good for your self-esteem.

Hair loss can be a very traumatic experience for anyone. Women have a harder time adjusting to hair loss, and this can be a hit to their self-esteem. The same thing goes for young men. Guys can experience hair loss as early as in their 20s. So losing hair at a young age is problematic and cause stress issues for men. Any extra stress can add on to the hair loss problem. A hair transplant can give you back that esteem you lost. Most people feel happier after a transplant.

11. No need to hide your head.

Hair loss leads some people to cover their head. Fearing that people will frown upon them or notice the hair loss and comment, many people choose to hide it. If you get a hair transplant, it won’t be noticed, and you won’t have to cover your head with hats or scarves. You will be able to walk around in public without ridicule. So unless you have some serious fears or phobias about hair transplants, there is no reason not to get one. If your hair loss is severe enough, this is the best possible solution for you. The risks are minimal, and it is very worth the cost and time it takes.