With the technological advancement, ILHT is creating new and better ways to make its clients happy. We as a pioneer of hair transplant in Pakistan emphasis on continual improvement and creating better ways that soothe the soul and stir the senses. Our research center is constantly improving and developing the strong surgical methods. The main focus and agenda of ILHT is to develop innovative surgical methods for the complete satisfaction of clients. Since the evolution of ILHT, many innovations have been seen in the field of hair transplantation.

When it comes to new and innovative procedures, ILHT comes on the first number. The latest technology and our progressive research assisted us to set new goals, and we changed our Vision because we embrace changes. What were the reasons that compelled us to change our vision and create new innovative methods in hair transplant? We conducted some experiments. This application of our vision contributed a lot in introducing modern methods of hair transplantation that have superseded the previous methods. We tested all equipment and tools available for doing hair transplantation.

By testing available tools used for extraction, measurement, surgical alteration and many other purposes, we came to know that these tools are not sufficient to meet the needs of clients with growing demand for hair transplantation. After realizing the importance of modern technologies and increasing demand for hair transplantation, we set new goals and created new methods and techniques. We developed necessary tools for hair transplantation with the collaboration of medical supply manufacturer. A densitometer is the latest breakthrough innovation in the practice of hair restoration by ILHT. This tool was created to diminish the problem faced by surgeons in the determination of suitable donor hair areas on the scalp. Densitometer helps us in the accurate evaluation of density of donor sites.

We are so proficient in our innovative methods and techniques. We tested and applied our methods in many experiments. With all our hard work and broad vision, our new innovative methods and devices have become standard in status quo and providing standard care throughout the world. We are making people’s life better by improving their image with surprising and desired results. The overall goal of ILHT is to restore and strengthen patients’ self-esteem through the application of quality equipment and most advanced and innovative techniques. Giving the appearance of natural and healthy hair without undetectable hairline and donor scar, we consistently leave our clients feeling more satisfied and more self-confident.