Hair Transplant Surgery in Pakistan Detail

Pre-operative Stage

On surgery day, qualified staff nurse takes the history and asks several questions about your family history, any medical condition, prior surgical procedure if any. After that surgeon marks the hairline and discuss, on satisfaction moved to local anesthesia injection to make the area pain free to operate.

Operative Stage

In operative stage, surgery is performed on outpatient basis under local anesthesia which typically lasts for six to eight hours. However, it can be based upon multiple sessions also depending upon amount of hair. The procedure involves little discomfort which is worth for having permanent solution of hair loss. With little sedation, hair grafts are transplanted onto the bald area under highest extent of care and supervision of team of adept surgeons. This way, a permanent natural appealing full head of hair can be attained using individual’s own hair.

Post Operative Stage

The final and third stage is post-operative one that is of crucial significance. The patient is prescribed some medications and post-operative instructions from surgeon while he can continue his regular routine work normally. There is no resultant pain even after the effect of the anesthesia wears off. Tiny scars and wounds heal with time within one week.

How long transplanted hair take to regrow?

The transplanted hair generally shed within 2 to 6 weeks after the surgery as roots enter in resting phase. Within three to eight months, transplanted roots start sprouting hair. It takes ten to twelve months to have denser hair as hair continue to mature and thicken gradually.

Transplanted Hair Never Fall Again

Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent solution of severe hair loss or baldness. Once transplanted hair begin to grow, it will continue to do so for lifetime.

Strip Hair Transplant
Microscopic Graft Cutting
Microscopic Graft Cutting
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