FUE Hair Transplant Benefits Part 2

Levels of skills and advancements in hair transplantation methods and equipments have made it possible to yield head full of lustrous hair without detectable scarring. The desire to wear short buzz cut or completely shaving off the head are one of the primary reasons why someone would prefer FUE over all hair transplant surgeries.

In FUE, micro punches are used to punch out follicular units from donor area leaving tiny scars. Having a fresh new head of glossy and lustrous hair following FUE hair transplantation is not something that let you grow your hair to hide white dotted scars. FUE does not yields a linear scar on donor area rather results in round tiny scars that’s why a patient can completely shave off his head without any noticeable scarring. Tiny round scars heal within minimum time duration after the surgery and it is impossible to detect them after sometime.

However, everyone has different collagen level in the body and physiological makeup also varies from person to person that can make difference in outcomes after FUE because the consequences of FUE utterly rely on attention one pays during healing time. Post-operative care is utmost necessary in order to get desired results later. The rate and way an individual heals makes a huge difference in the post operative appearance. The more natural the results are; the client is more likely to shave off his head completely without any visible scarring.

Before hair transplant
After hair transplant