FUE Hair Transplant Benefits Part 3

FUE is amazing advancement in hair transplantation that propels the field of hair transplant surgery one step closer to least invasive method because of its minimally invasive nature. The claim of almost scar-less surgery is enticing to both patients and surgeons and main reason for the development of this technique.

Due to advances in this field, this technique can serve as an alternate to traditional hair transplantation methods in certain patients. Where traditional methods don’t work, FUE can be used and it really works. When the scalp is too tight for a strip excision, FUE is ideal method as in this surgical technique there is not any need of removing a strip of skin just like in strip harvesting method. Rather small incisions are made in donor area by using micro punches from which hair are extracted in the form of grafts called follicular units.

From tight skin it is harder to remove the strip of skin that’s why patients with tight scalp were not considered ideal patient for hair transplantation in the past. In FUE, individual follicular units are extracted directly from donor area by making small incisions. FUE is the surgical method that enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest finest hair from very tight donor skin to be used a hairline to yield hundred percent natural consequences.

Before hair transplant
After hair transplant